Stair climbing robot video – group2 – Estien, Jonathan & Sammie


This is the 2013-2014 Ontwerpproject design of Estien, Jonathan and Sammie.

You can find their report at:

At the official trial, they were the first group up. They switched the thing on and it drove up the stairs. They made the assignment look easy.
Their concept is not, it required a lot of tuning of the weight balance, the design of a precise geometry and a maximalisation of the grip of the front wheels.
To achieve this they designed their own wheels using an aluminium solid rhim and casting silicone.

The robot is capable of descending the stairs by using its rear spoiler as a shock absorber.
Tank steering is being used, the front wheels do not turn.

This is one of the best engineered designs of the course, featuring a number of clever solutions for subtle problems.

Their first version:

Group 2: Estien, Jonathan & Sammie

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